Web Development Goals

My Web Development Goals for this year are (still):

*Get a good front end feel for Web Development
*Solidify knowledge & implementation of HTML5
*Solidify  knowledge & implementation of CSS3
*Solidify knowledge of web standards and trending practices
*Develop a workflow and my own style
*Further my beginner’s knowledge of Javascript
*Learn how to use and at least plug in for now jQuery
*Responsive Web Design (making the user experience enjoyable on mobile
devices, ipad, iphone, android etc. w/ media queries or other techniques.)
*Increase the artistic side of my design abilities through Photoshop
*Build an understanding of OOP
*Re-familiarize myself (aka re-learn the little I’d learned)  with  PHP or start learning Ruby to get the back end going. Maybe that’s next year?

Probably a bit overly ambitious….. but one has to set a goal right?


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