Web Platform Docs is in Alpha

Designing for every vendor and browser and device on the web has become very complicated and will continue to become more complicated with the different browsers, mobile devices, and vendors.
Web Platform Docs is an open source wiki platform that aims to become a comprehensive current hub of information for web developers. And for once all the different platforms are cooperating. Adobe is big in this, Google, Microsoft etc… but it is definitely open source and open to anyone contributing to it.

Paul Irish a Google front end web developer says it much better than I do on his blog:

… it’s not a piece of cake to develop for all desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and all the device/OS combinations within.

It’s hard to track down accurate info, but hey we get by with an unruly combination of Mozilla’s MDN, StackOverflow, HTML5 Please, W3C/WHATWG specs, Wikipedia, and a mental inventory of blog posts, tweets and articles strewn over the internet.

Today’s announcement of Web Platform Docs, an initiative that’s been well over a year in the making, is huge. A few reasons why I’m pumped:

All browser vendors are working together to document the all of the clientside web: DOM, CSS, HTML, SVG, Canvas, HTML5, JS, ES5…
They’ve already contributed much of their content: all of the MSDN IE reference docs, the Opera Web Standards Curriculum, many HTML5 Rocks articles,
Full-time technical writers from Google, Microsoft, Adobe and others authoring content around new features in addition to the strong community contributions.
And obviously, a much more cohesive documentation situation, making it easier for us to develop with all the information we need.
Mozilla’s MDN content can be contributed!
The content is still alpha, but we now have a single place to document the web platform.

It will be interesting to see how Web Platform Docs develops as time goes on.
Although I’m only learning about this, they say that almost anyone can contribute. So who knows, it may become the first community I become active in terms of contribution outside of my TeamTreehouse group.


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