meta tag keywords are “fossils”!

I was working on several websites this week and suddenly remembered that I had been told once upon a time to put in meta tag keywords in the head of your website pages to make your website more searchable and to make it rise on Google and other search engines. So I looked online for best practices for meta tags keywords. I found a popular website called Search Engine Watch. On the website I came across an article called How to Use HTML Meta Tags (dated May 1st, 2012) by Kristine Schachinger .  She basically lets us know that not only is the meta tag keyword a “fossil”  in the in terms of search engine optimization. The only company that actually searches these keywords is Microsoft Bing. And they search it only to detect spam.

So no longer do I need to start thinking of appropriate keywords for my meta tags.

Schachinger also refers to creating title tags which although they have nothing to do with meta tags are still used for search engine optimization. Her article, How To Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization is also a very useful article if you are developing websites.


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