Minimalist web design…is less really more?

I was tweeted an interesting article about minimalist design and how it is not appropriate for every website. I am a huge fan of minimalist, clean design but I do agree with the article that it is only good where appropriate. I just myself have been working on two different web sites. On one website there is a lot of visual stimulation through photos and color etc. On the other site, it does have the stimulation of color but it is purposely quite minimalist. The customer for this site is there for a reason. You aren’t trying to do a hard sell or trying to get them to click a button and buy anything. In the second site it’s about instilling trust and demonstrating a capability of the service for which you are visiting the site.
I do agree though that sometimes more is more. It’s a case by case scenario. And it depends on what your ultimate goal of the site is and what you need your customer’s experience to be and most of all what your client desires.
Read the article and see what you think:
Sometimes More is More by Justin Hubbard


One response to “Minimalist web design…is less really more?

  1. I’m a big fan of the “less is more” modus operandi, however I agree with you that there are designs that require more. I think determining that really depend son whether the business is heavy content or heavy visual.

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