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Grid Based Web Design Tools


If you are looking to work with Grid Based Web Design, here is a link with a lot of choices for you to try out.

Dreamweaver currently uses the Golden Grid System in its Responsive Design Boilerplate.

My actual favorite “du jour” , but not listed here,  is

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 7.10.23 PM


Two Indespensable Apps

I could not have made it through the semester without these two easy to use,  free apps.


TRELLO is an app that is like a to do post it list. You make a board, like a white board for your projects and you can list to-dos as well as who is woking on what, whether it’s done or not, due dates etc. It’s very user friendly. While working on two websites at the same time I was able to notate what I needed to do or check on or change on each site and keep my workflow smooth.

I use EVERNOTE to remember absolutely everything. I take notes on it at school. I write little snippets of code I want to reuse. I save articles for inspiration. I save links I want to remember for later reference. I do literally EVERYTHING. And the best part about this app is that you can make your notes online or off and they sync. So you can refer to your evernote notes whether there is wi-fi or not. You still can open the app locally on your ipad, phone or computer and use it to remeber EVERYTHING.

meta tag keywords are “fossils”!

I was working on several websites this week and suddenly remembered that I had been told once upon a time to put in meta tag keywords in the head of your website pages to make your website more searchable and to make it rise on Google and other search engines. So I looked online for best practices for meta tags keywords. I found a popular website called Search Engine Watch. On the website I came across an article called How to Use HTML Meta Tags (dated May 1st, 2012) by Kristine Schachinger .  She basically lets us know that not only is the meta tag keyword a “fossil”  in the in terms of search engine optimization. The only company that actually searches these keywords is Microsoft Bing. And they search it only to detect spam.

So no longer do I need to start thinking of appropriate keywords for my meta tags.

Schachinger also refers to creating title tags which although they have nothing to do with meta tags are still used for search engine optimization. Her article, How To Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization is also a very useful article if you are developing websites.

W2 Classwork- sites w/Background Tiles

Tile Background Examples
simple red w/stripe bkg tile
tiled flowery bkg
patchwork tiles
more current tiles
basic tile attempt according to adobe video:
Tile Sites:
Image Tiles
Free Background Tiles (not necessarily good, but free)
Noupe Background Patterns for your Websites
Google Background Tiles