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There’s a new online wireframing app called It’s a bare bones wireframing app that allows you to create a website wireframe ad hoc and actually saves it to the internet with an address for you to refer back to. Interesting tool if you wanna throw an idea at someone quickly.


A good place to post portfolio work

I just discovered this site and although you can already do this on wordpress I know…..there is a very nice site called where you can post graphic design, typography, logos, web design, animation, and a myriad of projects for people to see. People can also see works in progress, etc.
People are able to hire you, you can follow other creatives, people can follow you, comment on your portfolio, like you on social sites etc. You can find people by location…by discipline… It’s also a good way to be able to communicate with other people who do what you do or who do something that will complement what you do etc.
Worth checking out.

How to Find Jobs Using a WordPress Blog

Need a job

We hear it in class all the time….but not for nothin’!
Here is an article and a nice Beginner’s Guide  for WordPress.

Web Development Goals

My Web Development Goals for this year are (still):

*Get a good front end feel for Web Development
*Solidify knowledge & implementation of HTML5
*Solidify  knowledge & implementation of CSS3
*Solidify knowledge of web standards and trending practices
*Develop a workflow and my own style
*Further my beginner’s knowledge of Javascript
*Learn how to use and at least plug in for now jQuery
*Responsive Web Design (making the user experience enjoyable on mobile
devices, ipad, iphone, android etc. w/ media queries or other techniques.)
*Increase the artistic side of my design abilities through Photoshop
*Build an understanding of OOP
*Re-familiarize myself (aka re-learn the little I’d learned)  with  PHP or start learning Ruby to get the back end going. Maybe that’s next year?

Probably a bit overly ambitious….. but one has to set a goal right?


This blog is going to be more about my thoughts and progress and frustrations in Web Design etc. I have another blog, that will usually have more articles, tutorials, things I find I want to remember or might help me or anyone else in web development.


I must say after week 1 of class I am if anything confused as to the angle of the class. I thought I understood when I was there so when we were asked if we had any questions I confidently said nothing….oops! Anyway, coming from a background of mostly coding Web Pages and adding modules etc and an avoidance of Dreamweaver as a “design tool” ( I have used Dreamweaver mostly to code in many years ago) I’m left wondering if this is more of a class about designing in photoshop,  pushing it to dreamweaver and letting dreamweaver code for you. I’m open to it although I’m very aware in the Web Design world people say that you end up with a lot of bloated code when letting Dreamweaver code for you.  But my disclaimer is that I could just be confused overall as to the trajectory of the class and have the wrong perspective or have misinterpreted the syllabus. I will have to ask and get clarification for myself.

Either way, graphic skills are a weak point for me so no matter what, I will benefit from this class and learn to use it to add to the development of my own way of working which is what it’s all about for any designer, artist, etc.
And at least I’m gonna be learning stuff I don’t already know which is always cool & desired.

Watched a few of the Adobe videos from the syllabus. Also found a great Photoshop video tutorial website which will help with beginning Photoshop students. (
I also looked up tiles for class although I find that tiles in general for websites that are not blogs or personal don’t seem to be trending anymore? (or I haven’t looked around enough which is VERY possible).
I notice that what seems to be trending is either the full picture backgrounds, or lots of clean white with nice typography, or very subtle tiled backgrounds, or a simple background color. I’m guessing with the amount of movement on websites today the focus goes there instead. SCROLLING is HUGE now. Both vertical and horizontal. Lots of jQuery plugins
showing how to add vertical and horizontal scrolling.
Would love to get to the level of the clean (and I want to say slick but it isn’t the right word) designs of today. Definitely a huge combination of Javascript, jQuery which is trending huge , HTML5 & CSS3 on the front end. All that along with  good typography which is huge with the new @font-face and the font kits available.
Grid design is also huge and obvious on a lot of sites as well. Read a bit about that and played with it a bit but would like to become more competent in that as well.  I know does it combine quite well with Photoshop for wireframing and such. Anyone, these are just the jumble of thoughts going through my head this week in Web Design.
Also spent time in the week getting ahead in my other Web Design class and looking at CSS Layouts and Floats and HTML5 new attributes etc. which I am familiar but have not completely solidified as of yet.

WD1 Week 1

Week 1 of class was basically broken down into introductions and then looking at webbyaward websites and talking about trends etc. as well as setting up a wordpess site. On my own I worked on setting up my blogs separately from my site, a web design class blog, a digital imaging blog and a separate web development blog which hopefully I will keep live after school and use for myself. This blog is more personal and not for school per se & I will use it more to post trends, code, modules, articles etc. that will be interesting to share with everyone. I still have to figure out what website I want to design over the semester as well mark site maps and backgrounds which was the assignment for the week. Lots to do!

Hello world!

<strong> Hello World! <strong>

This space will now represent my Fall 2012 Web Design 1 Class Blog