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Business is Business


I was scrolling through one of my favorite webdev  forums  & came across a very good article that every new freelancer should consider.

It talks about the one thing that is always tricky when taking on a freelance job. Giving clients a contract to sign at the beginning for your services  & getting paid.
These are tricky things when you are in business for yourself. But Andy Howells breaks it down into a very simple but efficient system.

A very good article to bookmark if you are looking to freelance in web design.

Invoices, Contracts, Paperwork–Where to Begin?


Team Treehouse Video Tutorials

Team Treehouse

TeamTreehouse.com has been one of my favorite learning sites for quite some time now. They have videos on learning just about anything Web Development, Web Design (from a coding perspective), and ios Development.  HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, ios5, Ruby on Rails, Object Oriented Programming, and so much more. They start at the beginning which starts out quite simple in most areas and they take you through in 5 to 12 minute lessons so that you don’t become overwhelmed. They also have extra treats including videos on workflow, creative challenges, and they even have a new video podcast which I’ve seen a few times. The teachers are pretty clear and you can work at your own pace. And they are current.  Their goal is that anyone can be taught to program well enough to get a job. I don’t know if this has worked for them yet but there most be over 200 or more tutorial videos on the site.
And they are constantly updating.
I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys self-teaching and following tutorials.